Kim Asendorf

071 00

DIASEC print with custom frame
90 x 135 cm
35.4 x 53.1 in
8.500,00 €(8500.00 ETH)excl. VAT & shipping
Payment options: credit card, PayPal, Klarna, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Ethereum, USDC, Polygon & BNB

The pixel is the main building block in Kim Asendorf's work, seemingly alive in his abstractions, or rearranged in his iconic Pixel Sorting aesthetics. Asendorf is widely known for the creation of an open source Pixel Sorting algorithm that has been used by thousands of artists and designers since 2012. Gradients are generated by a sinusoidal oscillation of the individual RGB values ​​with different frequencies. Distortions are incorporated into the gradients by subsequently shifting the pixels of individual parcels.