Cevin Parker


Acrylic and spray on canvas
100 x 80 cm
39.4 x 31.5 in
3.600,00 €(3600.00 ETH)excl. VAT & shipping
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"A dream is a complex mixture of memories and unprocessed experiences that represent both the good and the bad within us—both the positive and the negative.

Each work of art symbolizes a dream, a moment, or an unprocessed experience and represents a feeling, be it love or anger, suffering or happiness.

In our dreams, we lose ourselves in the shimmering colours of Dreamland. We dream of a better world, where the green of nature comes alive again and the blue of the sky is clear and unclouded. We dream of a loved one surrounded by the warm orange and bright yellow of the sun. And we dream of special, magical moments, when the violet of the night covers the sky and the pink of the dawn announces the new day.

Dreamland invites us to let ourselves fall and lose ourselves in the colours of dreaming. This allows us to feel free in the here and now and create our own world full of colours and dreams." – Cevin Parker