Florine Imo

Golden fruit

acrylic and oil on canvas
155 x 145 cm
61.0 x 57.1 in
4.200,00 €(4200.00 ETH)excl. VAT & shipping
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“I’m introducing a new character in some of my paintings for this show. It brings a certain kind of attitude and energy into the frame which challenges my figures and raises questions of power structures. Often, automatically when seeing a strong, maybe even a bit scary looking animal, one assumes their gender to be male, which is an interesting thought, when exploring this character. Like always, I enjoy playing with those kinds of stereotypes and leave the viewer with a grin on their face. Apart from this, I’m also taking a trip back to my roots by painting vegetation and patterns. The many changes in materials over the years allowed me to now combine all my technical abilities and push the canvas surface to another level. Surface, texture, symbolism and character building are fundamental aspects that come to mind, when reflecting on the new paintings.” – Florine Imo