Josh Yakov, known as @delta_alpha_ohm on Twitter, stumbled upon NFTs by way of cryptocurrency during the pandemic. For our COLLECTORS TALK NFTs series, he tells us how as his collection grows, so does his drive to discover meaning through art.

I collect digital art, generative art and NFTs because it is an amalgamation of my many interests. Growing up I was always a very curious person whether it was collectibles, art, basketball, theatre, math, finance, sociology, cooking, farming, or decentralization, my interests were always varied. When everything shut down during the pandemic, I luckily stumbled upon crypto and eventually NFTs. Naturally, it evolved into something beautiful and for that, I am especially grateful.

It’s become a passion, whether discovering new artists, recognizing the ones who paved the way, or being able to support them via royalties. The discourse in the space is generally contentious and market-focused but I appreciate when more questions are asked, and we can come to a deeper understanding. Discerning the signal versus noise. That is my favorite part of collecting: trying to figure out what truly matters, is interesting and right in a way that is aesthetic, conceptual, and beyond.

Stillness grey, from the series PRIVACY PORTRAITS by Operator, 2022.

Josh Yakov is a core team member at ArtXCode, an art collector with a focus on digital/generative art-based NFTs and a self-described rabbit hole researcher under the moniker @delta_alpha_ohm on Twitter. He is active in many communities and has spoken on panels such as "Collecting art on Tezos – patrons, flippers, or art lovers" at Proof of People in London (2022) and has had his NFT collection featured in Outland.