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Frequently Asked Questions


EXPANDED.ART turns Web3 inside out and expands the notion of a gallery and an online marketplace by being both. A curated selection of art from both worlds is presented: the traditional art world and the new online art world. The focus is on the history of digital art and on supporting female and non-binary artists. Art is made collectible for everyone by offering NFTs and time-limited and limited editions. EXPANDED.ART presents yesterday's pioneers and today's avant-garde.

Where is the gallery located?

EXPANDED.ART’s first permanent gallery is located at Friedrichstraße 67, right in the city centre of Berlin.

How do I buy and claim an NFT on EXPANDED.ART?

To buy an NFT, you click on the "PURCHASE" or "GET IT HERE" button, found on every NFT product page. You will be prompted to select the desired amount and can thereafter proceed to click "Checkout". On the subsequent page, you will be asked to provide your contact and billing details, following which we will ask you to choose your preferred method of payment (available methods include Credit card, PayPal, Klarna, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, as well as Ethereum, USDC, Polygon, and BNB via DePay).

Once the purchase has been completed, you will receive an order confirmation email and a claiming email with the title: "Claim your NFT from EXPANDED.ART". In the claiming email, you can click on "Claim NFT," where you will be redirected to the EXPANDED.ART NFT dashboard. On the dashboard, it is necessary to click "Claim" again and connect the wallet via which you wish to collect the purchased NFT. You should connect your preferred wallet; we offer a selection of either Metamask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet. Given that we utilise the 'lazy minting' process, please keep in mind that the actual minting of the purchased NFT takes place after you have paid the transaction (gas) fees on the Ethereum Mainnet network. Once this is complete, the claiming process will be finalised, and you can enjoy your freshly minted NFT.

I would like to visit my EXPANDED.ART NFT Dashboard.

Please click on this link.

Which blockchains do you mint on?

EXPANDED.ART mints on Ethereum. Occasionally, we mint together with our artists on Tezos.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

We accept all credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc.), Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, as well as Ethereum, USDC, Polygon, and BNB via DePay. You can also choose to proceed via bank transfer.

Can I get one-on-one help finding the perfect art for myself?

Yes! You can get personalized assistance from our team in choosing an original artwork within your budget. Please get in touch via

Can I view the artwork in person prior to purchase?

Yes, please get in touch via

How does shipping work?

Our logistics team will contact you after you have completed your purchase to arrange your shipment.

What percentage of the sale does the artist receive?

Artists receive between 50-80% of primary sales. The split depends on the medium of the work (NFT, Edition, painting, sculpture) and on the form of presentation (online, offline).

How do I get involved as an artist?

Please get in touch with our team via

Any further questions?

Reach out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Discord if you have any further questions.