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The artist duo Albrecht/Wilke has been working together since 2017. Having studied under Anselm Reyle, they have established their own creative dialogue, in which they make use of various techniques, from classical oil painting to airbrushing and embroidery on canvas, or watercolors.

Their works address the clichés of the German middle class with irony and a dash of glamour. Combining figurative elements in an associative way and interlacing them with abstraction, they create captivatingly contemporary imagery and a highly subjective mood between naivety and unease. They draw from all sources, like the Internet, pop culture, art, or cultural history. Whatever comes their way—be it a garden gnome, a mini golf course, or a roll of mops—by humorously reflecting on the reality of their own lives, they create surreal visual worlds that ignore the seemingly strict aesthetic rules of painting.

Albrecht/Wilke’s work has been exhibited at the Weserhalle Berlin, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig, and Sprink Düsseldorf, amongst others. 

Photo: Rica Rosa

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