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David Henry Nobody Jr (aka David Henry Brown, Jr) is a performance artist and sculptor who works in diverse mediums, often placing his physical body into the work. Frequently riffing off of the dark side of American popular culture, he has been showing his work since the early 1990s both in the New York art world and as a renegade underground figure and as a collaborator.

Nobody Jr's various projects have been shown internationally in cities such as Berlin and New York, most notably at Andrew Edlin Gallery and WhiteBox. In 2018, he had a solo exhibition and live performance at MOCA Tuscon. He has been featured on the BBC, in VICE, The Huffington Post and Hi-Fructose among others. Nobody Jr's NFTs have been included in exhibitions at Unit London Gallery and SXSW.

During his many different artistic periods, his work often involves the creation of characters that perform and make objects. Nobody Jr’s characters stem from his concept of the Fantastic Nobody, the ‘loser’ that acts like they are famous but who is not, driving the artist’s work deeper inside the images and social masks of an image-obsessed culture.

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