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Brooklyn-based British artist Jon Burgerman has been feverishly creating for over 20 years. His instantly recognisable art has been exhibited all over the world from DIY exhibition spaces to museums to even the White House.

Expressing creativity and having fun are key to Burgerman’s practice. It's his belief that simple creative acts can allow people to change not only their world but the world around them.

Burgerman creates work in a wide variety of media from paint, aerosols, digital, and moving image. Online his gifs have been viewed over 8.5 bn times and he has a dedicated following across social media.

His work has been exhibited internationally at exhibitions and fairs including the Tate Modern, SG art fair, Art Taipei, WOAW gallery, and the CAC Museum.

Burgerman has collaborated with brands including Apple, Samsung, Pepsi, Lotte, Snapchat, Instagram, and Nike. He has made vinyl collectible toys, picture books, apparel, fabric collections, inflatables, homeware, sportswear, underwear, and many other things, including NFTs. Burgerman has had six sell-out collections on Nifty Gateway since April 2020 and continues to be a rising star in the burgeoning scene.

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