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Marjan Moghaddam is a renowned digital artist known for her unique and original style of posthuman figuration in 3DCG and critical discourse. A pioneer of the Internet 1.0 era, she has gone viral numerous times with her #arthacks on the Internet and was featured in the BBC documentary WHEN ART GOES DIGITAL. She is a tenured professor of digital art at LIU/Brooklyn where she lives. Moghaddam is an Iranian American immigrant and political refugee.

Notable recent exhibitions include a solo show at MOCDA, Proof of Art at the Francisco Carolinum, Unit London, and solos show at Annka Kultys Gallery and Gazelli Art House. Moghaddam is a recipient of awards in digital art and animation and grants from the likes of the Rockefeller Fund. She was an Adobe artist in residence and was included in Forbes' Best of AR Art.

Her works are held in private, institutional, NFT DAO, & private NFT art collections. Moghaddam has also created high-profile new media public art commissions in Europe, Canada, and the US.

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