Mikey Woodbridge is an Australian-born multidisciplinary artist living in Berlin. Woodbridge's work engages with methods of rendering ephemeral states and transformative experiences into physical, digital and time-based media. Woodbridge started their creative career as a songwriter and painter, later branching out into performance and fashion with Sink the Pink in London and the Berlin nightlife scene.

Woodbridge explores ways of translating personal history into training data for generative art forms. This includes performances with Bright Moments in Berlin and Mexico City, a commission for ConsenSys (BRIDGE), exhibitions at Art Basel Miami with SCOPE Art Fair, features in FOMA Magazine #7 and #8, and the NFT releases OTHERFACES and LATENT COUTURE, released on Sovrn Art.

Twitter: @mikeywoodbridge
Instagram: @mikeywoodbridge
Website: mikeywoodbridge.com

Photo: Francesco Cascavilla