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"In healthy doses, nostalgia can be a warm security blanket that allows us to heal, giving us the strength to take another step forward when dealing with anxieties about the future." – Skye Nicolas

Skye Nicolas is a post-conceptual artist living and working in Seattle, Washington.

Ranging from large format paintings, filmmaking, photography, public space interventions, sculpture, and digital artworks, post-conceptual artist Skye Nicolas blends elegantly composed amalgamations of vivid imagery with familiarity and the skewing of timelines through various means of precisely executed appropriation. His thoughtful method of reassigning of pop culture references reveals a complex interweaving of key components in his work, highlighting concept and composition as core fundamentals.

He investigates the role of memory in the post-internet age through intimate conversation and hidden dialogue wherein nostalgia plays a vital ingredient in defining a recognizable visual language and signature style. The complex interweaving of a conceptually layered armature and a visually poetic distillation process inspires the creation of works that feature a recurring theme that he refers to as Induced Nostalgia. This cerebral phenomenon elucidates the full bandwidth of an induced visceral experience manifested in the transmission and exploration of personal narratives and private myths—inviting us to reflect and reconcile with the powerful forces and events that have shaped our present selves.

(Photo by Alexandra Park)

Skye Nicolas has shown in New York City, London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Calgary, and at the Dallas Contemporary art museum. His work has been featured in Kunstforum International, Whitewall magazine, Vogue España, and Self Service.

As co-founder of the art collective Organic Material, he has created work for the collective’s collaborative project, Event Horizon, which debuted during the first Art NFT Linz festival at the Francisco Carolinum Linz Museum, UNESCO City of Media Arts Linz, Austria. The work, entitled Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Skies Are Blue, has since been added to the museum’s permanent collection.

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