"I am a writer. As students, we ran the first print peer-reviewed magazine for the history of art. It later turned into a blog. We won prizes.

Social media killed art criticism.

Readers mainly respond to headlines and quotes on social media. At best, it‘s a lively exchange of thoughts, experiences, knowledge, and opinions.

In 2022, I started tweeting thoughts and questions that, in a different world, I would have turned more often into texts.

As a writer would do, I now present these thoughts and questions, written by hand on a beautiful piece of paper.

The first 5 editions of "tweets from twitter" are the tweets from myself that got the most responses and, at the same time, are a document of a moment in history: the age of Post-NFTism.

Signed. Anika Meier

P.S. Thank you for the lively discussions on Twitter."