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Bård Ionson | Naked Flames

NFT DROP: 2 JULY 2024 | 6 PM CET

Collection curated from a StyleGAN3 model trained with hand-selected images of fire and nude paintings by the artist, Bård Ionson.

"The nude fire. Grasping at identity is like a flicker of fire. The flame goes out when held too tightly. The desire to know brings more uncertainty. In the age of artificial intelligence, we are learning to live with the anxiety of our naked uncertainty. Our nakedness meets the flame. We still seek to know the next event, whether by fire or the casting of bones, or now by algorithms and models trained on all of human knowledge.

The textures evoke the color and form of paintings from a distance and merge the human form with fire. A closer inspection shows the fingerprint of the AI algorithms can be seen in the matrix-like patterns."

Bård Ionson

Part of the group exhibition THE PATH TO THE PRESENT, 1954–2024. On view at EXPANDED.ART in Berlin from 2 July – 10 August 2024.