On the occasion of International Women's Month, EXPANDED.ART presents an all female curated collection highlighting artists and their works ranging from paintings and photographs to editions and digital art. The collection emphasizes the significance of women's voices in art.

MARTINA MENEGON and MARGARET MURPHY reflect on how society perceives the female body, especially in a post-social media era. Digital artist ADDIE WAGENKNECHT created a series of paintings evolved from her dick pic series which utilizes images she received via DMs on Instagram to create abstract works of art.

Combining tech and art in her practice, GRETCHEN ANDREW reflects on the symbiosis of these fields. ANNA BELLER, however, delves into the relationship between traditional and NFT art. 

Emerging painters RUOHAN WANG, CIGDEM AKY, and SELINE BURN raise their voices via their work by expressing their inner worlds, while NINA RÖDER has used photography to frequently investigate her beginnings and female ancestors. 

Curated Artists: Çiğdem Aky | Gretchen Andrew | Anna Beller | Seline Burn | Martina Menegon | Margaret Murphy | Nina Röder | Addie Wagenknecht | Ruohan Wang