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NFT DROP: 2 JULY 2024 | 6 PM CET

"When I draw, I improvise, with no idea what will appear. I allow my hand to move and reveal something new. I feel a similar sense of discovery when I train these AI models and write prompts to explore the possibility space even further. The images are a new breed, part mine and part collective, and that feels supernormal. 

Drawing is my all-embracing sublime delight, the one thing I can't not do. I have made drawings every day for over 25 years in a 5" x 6" format. The drawings are sketches, designs, therapy, entertainment, and a basic need to express something. I make up stories about them. I make larger drawings and sculptures from them. They are the library I am using as training material for my AI sketches."

– John F Simon, Jr.

Part of the group exhibition THE PATH TO THE PRESENT, 1954–2024. On view at EXPANDED.ART in Berlin from 2 July – 10 August 2024.