POEMS FOR DAMIEN HIRST by Jurgen Ostarhild is a series of text images based on the spot paintings by Damien Hirst. Each color spot was assigned the corresponding hexadecimal code (hex code). The size, proportions, and titles of the originals have been retained. A special monospace font designed for this series allows the six alphanumeric characters that make up a hex code to be mapped as a circular area.

Eugen Gomringer, the father of concrete poetry, discovered a certain poetry in these code pictures and sees them as a continuation of his work. If one gave meaning to the individual characters, the images could be read as verses and poems. In 2019, Ostarhild was part of the exhibition PHÄNOMENE DER SPRACH-KUNST IN WORTBILDERN AUS LETTERN UND CODE curated by Eugen Gomringer at the Institute for Constructive Art and Concrete Poetry in Rehau: works in letters containing the hexadecimal code for color photography were presented.