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NFT DROP: 4 JUNE 2024 | 6 PM CET 

UNREALIZED PROJECT by Scerbo is a series of 69 artworks created using AI celebrating the value of concepts and ideas. It was born out of the artist’s need to store ideas for installations and performances that cannot be realized IRL. What was merely a vision yesterday has now materialized into a completed work.

"Most artists rarely find concrete opportunities to physically realize the grand ideas they envision. Usually, 80-90% of imagined projects are born and die in the artist's mind due to various practical, economic, personal, psychological, motivational, relational, and other impossibilities.

These imagined projects and works often turn into formless energy, and the disparity between imagined and realized works creates an unbridgeable gap in a creative mind's life. It is within this gap that the intuition for the UNREALIZED PROJECT was born.

The energy accumulated over years of unrealized ideas reached an unbearable peak in my mind, leading me to conceive of the museum as a place that pre-exists only in this gap. 

Imagination is, after all, an electric wave, an unknown ghost claiming its will to become a piece."

– Scerbo