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Welcome To My Crib

Artists: Gretchen Andrew | Janosch Dannemann | DotPigeon | Nina Röder | Sador Weinsclucker | Annabell Häfner 

Aired in the early 2000s on the iconic TV channel MTV, "MTV Cribs" was probably the most voyeuristic format of its time. Before social media, audiences got their first-ever glimpse inside the houses of their favorite celebrities. Privacy has taken on a different meaning today. Celebrities willingly give us tours of their sacred spaces these days, but first impressions can be misleading when everything appears to be perfectly staged for an already flawless Instagram world. 

"Welcome to My Crib" likewise provides glimpses into places and homes we haven't seen before. However, the artists' experiences, memories, and adventures are closely intertwined with these locations. The unique visual language allows for a far more personal understanding while also leaving room for fantasy. Whether in exact brushstrokes or hazy grace, those places appear to tell stories, arouse longings, and pose questions. They transport the viewers to settings where they personally value privacy. 

Visit the lavish mansion that DotPigeon captures in his digital painting or let your gaze wander over the glossy surfaces of Gretchen Andrew's detailed collage that offer a glimpse inside one's bedroom.
The intimacy of her grandmother's home is captured in Nina Röder's photographs while vibrant still lifes are brought to the viewer's notice in Janosch Dannemann's delicate drawings.