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Joachim Bosse

Ayahuasca Retreat

Oil chalk on Hahnemühle fine art paper
42 cm x 59,4 cm
16.5 x 23.4 in
Edition of 7
0/7 sold
320,00 € excl. VAT & shipping
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  • Unframed- Available- 320,00 €
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SELECTED FRAMES by Joachim Bosse are an observation and portray of the peer groups and phenomena that surround him as a chronicler of his time. He writes about oat milk and NFTs, Arcteryx and pottery classes, marketing meetings and the Metaverse, crypto and keynote, Slack and Balenciaga, Tulum and Taxi-50-Euro, high potentials and vegetarian ham picks, yoga retreats and life coaches. And there is also a bit of sustainability. With a discount code.