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Banz & Bowinkel

Bodypaint V 28

CGI fine art print, framed
75 x 105 cm
29.5 x 41.3 in

Originally, our idea was to digitize painting, says Friedemann Banz. Fluids that look like paint are created with a simulation tool on a computer. The results look as though they were painting. For centuries, painting has found its subject matter in its own mediality, Banz explains. Accordingly, the duos starting point is painting that reflects not itself, but the computer. The concept of painting is misleading, Banz believes. Computers create, process, assess, and apply data sets in analogy to events in the real world. Google, for instance, interprets data sets, while Banz & Bowinkel visualize them in Augmented Reality. With this tool in hand, the two artists pursue the following question: How can we create images that incorporate both these transformation processes of data and their relation to reality?