Ira Greeberg


Generative AI
16 motifs
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"Aesthetically, in my practice in general, I've always considered Cezanne's quote: ‘Imagine Poussin redone entirely in nature.’
I've interpreted the quote as bringing formal structuralism (e.g., classical painting) to an impulsive, improvisatory approach (e.g., Impressionism, Expressionism).
Integrating code and AI, deeply quantitive systems, into creative practices bears obvious parallels to the binary construct in Cezanne's quote.
In code and AI, the improvisatory impulse is subsumed in the random function. Though the process does not utilize a physical or analog input, as in painting, I find strong connections in the different generative 'gestures'"

– Ira Greenberg

BeastScapes are part of the exhibition BEASTS by Ira Greenberg, which is on view at the gallery in Berlin until 16 APRIL. In collaboration with Emergent Properties.