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Ira Greenberg


Long-form Generative AI collection
Edition of 1000
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"My life is pretty much controlled by beasts, it always has been. I engage with beasts directly and very physically in my space: cats, dogs, mice, pack rats, horses, birds, squirrels, dragonflies, bees, cockroaches, fire ants. Other interactions are less tangible: parasites, bacteria, viruses. Some beasts are not physical at all. Yet their presence is equally impactful (maybe more so). When I think about my family history and stories of urgent emigration, fleeing war zones with protracted dislocations, I’m reminded of other kinds of beasts, those who impact outer and inner lives.

This Generative AI long-form project explores beasts as both physical manifestations of nature’s generative power and the beasts lurking within, including those within the collective unconscious."

– Ira Greenberg