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Heidi Ukkonen

Snake in the Grass Blue

Eggyolk, acrylics and airbrush on linen
100 x 90 cm
39.4 x 35.4 in
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Everyday life is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Heidi Ukkonen (°1980, Sweden). The artist translates the many impressions of her surroundings into a suggestive visual language that comes across as estranging. The use of different materials also plays an important role in her creative process. Not infrequently, this artistic choice gives her paintings a graphic quality. As a basis for her paintings, Ukkonen chooses various mediums such as linen, canvas, cardboard, and wood. Each composition is given shape and colour by using different paints: egg tempera, acrylic and spray paint. The mix always guarantees a lively image and results in a painted collage. Ukkonen's art captures the viewer's gaze. This happens through the composition of everyday motifs in an illogical context. The relationship between the visual elements and their references is broken. The motifs take on an identity of their own, often graphic in feel. The viewer's emotional world is also sharpened by the multitude of textures and colours. In a wonderful way, Ukkonen's work turns our gaze inwards.