Justin Aversano


Silkscreen print on papyrus + JPG (NFT on Ethereum)
Dimensions varied
78 NFTs
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For SMOKE AND MIRRORS, Justin Aversano created a tarot deck consisting of portraits of people in and of his life: among others, family members such as his dad and sister, artists such as Fewocious and Kris Graves, musicians such as Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot, and Web3 builders such as GMoney and the twins Winkelvoss and Cock Foster.

The 78 prints are silkscreened on papyrus, an extremely precious writing ground in ancient Egypt, which is a reference to the time when tarot was created. The number 78 derives from the number of playing cards in a tarot deck, a spiritual guide, means of self-reflection, and tool of divination. The American artist confronts the fear of death and celebrates the joy of life by portraying the heroes and healers surrounding him. 

At the center of the SMOKE AND MIRRORS project is the Death card, one of the trump cards of the Tarot. Aversano photographed his father next to the grave of his mother, who died of cancer while he was studying art. His mother's name is on the tombstone, and the space for his father's name is free. The card symbolizes a change, a farewell, or an end—becoming and passing away. For Aversano, the death of his mother was the turning point in his life. Since then, his camera and his art have been the catalyst for meeting people and confronting fears. 

"Who in your life is the core of your trauma and your healing? It's your family. Once you understand that, you understand yourself, and you understand how to heal everyone around you. Not just yourself. It's a family unit that's healing together," says Aversano. 

SMOKE AND MIRRORS – PHYSICAL TAROT SCROLLS – 2/3 were presented at EXPANDED.ART in Aversano’s first international solo exhibition RAUCH UND SPIEGEL on the occasion of Gallery Weekend Berlin 2023. 

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