Joachim Bosse


Acrylic on canvas in shadow gap frame
Edition of 1
8.000,00 € excl. VAT & shipping
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Let’s be honest: art is about prices and selling. About visitor numbers and queuing. About wanting to see and have. About hype and records. A glance at the newspaper is enough to confirm this. An auction record here, an auction record there. $40 million. $37 million. And now unbelievably high sums are being paid for digital files. $69 million. $92 million. But no art, no sales. That’s why art is about art in the first place. About concepts and communication. About art history and context.

When there is always a sale—a look down the shopping streets and at supermarkets is enough to confirm that—sale is a mindset. This also applies to Bosse’s art. He doesn’t just come from advertising, but also from artists who come from advertising and have created icons like Warhol with the soup cans. Bosse doesn’t even create an icon, namely the SALE and its design; he appropriates the icon and refines it conceptually.Bosse comes from advertising. Now, with his art, he is literally promoting the sale and giving the buyer instructions on how to act, just like in a supermarket or department store. Percentages. Get the percentages. Sale, sale, sale. Negotiate and buy. New. Strike. Negotiating and striking are part of the concept. There isn’t enough for everyone.In a society that oscillates between exclamation marks and question marks, Bosse’s art is resolute and says what it offers. Selling the sale. Special offer.