Anne Spalter


Charcoal on paper
49 x 69 cm
19.29 x 27.17 inches
950,00 € excl. VAT & shipping
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MINDSCAPE by Anne Spalter is a charcoal drawing that delves into the web of value creation, inviting viewers to explore the profound interplay of human thought, innovation, and creativity.

The drawing presents a tableau of foxes amidst flame-spouting mining equipment, a scene symbolizing humanity's pursuit of material wealth. These foxes serve as a metaphor for our collective aspirations, while the mining equipment underscores the significance of economic activity in shaping our value systems.

A swirling tornado that resembles a colossal brain provides an intriguing twist on the conventional elements of drama and transformation. This unique visual element represents the dynamic, ever-evolving landscape of human thought and innovation. The tornado’s swirling winds target a whimsical city.

MINDSCAPE combines the inspiration of artificial intelligence-driven composition with the craftsmanship of hand-drawn charcoal, echoing the evolving relationship between technology and artistic expression. This union underscores the dynamic synergy between human creativity and technological innovation in shaping our understanding of value in the digital era.