Anne Spalter

Panels of Perception: Diverse Dimensions

Oil paint on sized paper
61 x 91 cm
24.02 x 35.83 inches
4.000,00 € excl. VAT & shipping
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PANELS OF PERCEPTION: DIVERSE DIMENSIONS by Anne Spalter invites viewers to journey through a kaleidoscope of contrasting worlds and narratives. In this intricate composition, the notion of value takes center stage, as we explore everything from the allure of precious gems to the resonance of human creativity and the fervor of organized sports, particularly football in the United States.

At first glance, this masterpiece offers a mesmerizing tableau, with a floating fox in ethereal suspension alongside a luminous UFO. These enigmatic elements symbolize the transcendence of earthly boundaries and hint at the mysteries of the universe, prompting contemplation of our collective fascination with the extraterrestrial.

In one panel, a giant diamond gleams with opulent splendor, a beacon of material wealth. It symbolizes the tangible value we ascribe to rare and precious objects, the allure of which often lies in their scarcity and the eternal fascination with their intrinsic beauty.

In another panel, a line of sports balls, including a football, evokes the fervor and unity ignited by organized sports, especially football, in American culture. These spheres represent the intrinsic value of physical prowess, competition, and the communal experience of cheering for a beloved team. The shared passion for sports often transcends mere entertainment, becoming a powerful force that binds communities together.

Through PANELS OF PERCEPTION, we are encouraged to juxtapose and contemplate these divergent facets of value. Gems, creativity, and organized sports each elicit distinct emotional responses and societal significance. The painting prompts us to consider the relative worth we assign to these elements and how they intersect in our lives.