Vladimir Bonačić


Vintage computer-generated photograph
17.5 x 21.5 cm
6.8 x 8.5 in

PLN DD 9 is a vintage computer-generated photograph created by Vladimir Bonačić as part of his PLN series in 1969. The PLN series is associated with the international art movement known as [New] Tendencies ([N]T), which promoted the synergy of science and art. [N]T gained recognition as a leading avant-garde visual art movement that emphasized rationality, social engagement, and interactivity with the user. 

Within the PLN series, Bonačić utilized computer-generated images and mathematical algorithms to construct visual compositions. The artworks featured numerical combinations visualized in fields containing various elements. The PLN DD 9 photograph, along with other works in the series, depicted symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions within a set geometric raster. Bonačić's approach involved using pseudo-randomness generated by Galois-field algebra, allowing for the visualization of mathematical laws and exploring the invisible dimensions of the universal. 

The PLN series demonstrated Bonačić's innovative use of computer technology and his exploration of the possibilities offered by standardized computer peripherals. The artworks pushed the boundaries of artistic expression, combining elements of science, mathematics, and visual aesthetics. By bridging the gap between art and technology, Bonačić sought to create a new universal language that transcended traditional categorizations and stimulated cognitive processes.