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Anne Spalter


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INFLATABLE METAVERSAL FRIENDS by Anne Spalter delves into our relationship with technology, particularly the screens that dominate much of our modern lives. We spend countless hours interacting with digital devices, creating and consuming content, and forging identities within the virtual realm. This relationship is mirrored in this series of metaversal avatars, which reflect our digital personas back to us.

The idea of inflatables symbolizes how we inflate or deflate our personalities, traits, or identities in the digital world. It's a commentary on the fluidity and malleability of our online selves. They can be filled with air, made larger, more impressive, or intimidating, yet they remain inherently fragile, subject to the smallest puncture. This is a metaphor for our digital personas—they can be larger than life, but can also be deflated by criticism, disapproval, or a simple loss of internet connection.

The avatars are playful yet slightly menacing, brightly colored but ominous in their rudimentary forms. This reflects the paradox of our digital lives. They are filled with fun, creativity, and vibrancy, yet they can also be menacing, capable of manipulation, deceit, and harm. The bright colors may attract us, but the rudimentary forms hint at the reduction of complex human identity into simple digital constructs.

Each avatar is an alter ego, a companion, and a manifestation made of air, pixels, and electricity. They represent our digital selves—the alter egos we assume in the metaverse, the companions that accompany us in our online journey, and the manifestations of our thoughts, desires, and fears. They are made of air, symbolizing their transient, ephemeral nature, pixels that construct their digital form, and electricity that powers their existence.

This project explores the dynamics of our digital identities, the contradictions they embody, and their impact on our sense of self. It's an exploration of the interface between the tangible and intangible, the real and virtual, and the playful and menacing aspects of our digital existence.

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