Anne Spalter

The Consequences of Constant Craving

Oil paint on unstretched canvas
61 x 81.3 cm
24 x 32 inches
4.000,00 € excl. VAT & shipping
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THE CONSEQUENCES OF CONSTANT CRAVING by Anne Spalter sheds light on the tumultuous relationship between our ceaseless pursuit of wealth, the environmental toll it extracts, and the ways our interconnected digital world has reshaped the art market and its values. 

The centerpiece of this narrative is the fox, often symbolic of shrewdness and ambition. The foxes here tirelessly mine for diamonds, emblematic of rare earth minerals that have traditionally been seen as signs of luxury and power. The mining process itself stands as a stark metaphor for the environmental degradation and climate change associated with such relentless extraction. 

In this universe, the foxes don't merely mine for physical wealth. They also dig for the less tangible, but no less impactful, treasures of the digital world, such as NFTs. These digital assets, while lacking physical form, similarly attract a range of people seeking to profit and generate value.

Intertwined with this narrative is a critique of the modern 24/7 art market, driven in part by social media. The foxes, akin to artists and consumers, are trapped in an unending cycle of creation and consumption, reflecting the ceaseless demand and perpetual availability facilitated by social media platforms.

THE CONSEQUENCES OF CONSTANT CRAVING is an exploration of the potential fallout of our relentless pursuit of both physical and digital assets. It seeks to spark a conversation about sustainability, the environmental impact of our choices, and the transformation of art in the age of social media. The piece asks viewers to consider their role in these dynamics and reflect on the true cost of their desires in this relentless 24/7 marketplace.