Ana María Caballero

thin lace

01:30 min
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THIN LACE is a spoken-word poem from Ana María Caballero’s MAMMAL about the evolution of intimacy in long-term relationships. Written in Caballero's signature, multi-valent style, it paints an honest portrait of the collision of committed love, exhaustion, and desire.

MAMMAL was the winner of the prestigious 2022 Steel Toe Books Poetry Prize and a semi-finalist for both the Vassar Miller Prize and the Birdy Poetry Prize. It will be published by Steel Toe Books in 2024.

thin lace


perhaps it stops being about

me loving you

you loving me

us loving us


& more about


                        embracing a life that ends


         watch          it       end


i bought flimsy pajamas         for you

for me            

for us


lace for the children’s

rock-hard home


but who cares about sex         

i just want you to wipe away baby shit


mature love       is the best


 it makes you smarter

 because you have to think


i’ve always preferred smart               to happy

our mid-life love makes me  happy


            i think



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