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Voices of Web3

VOICE GEMS x Sarah Zucker

Bespoke Generative System
01:34 min
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VOICES OF WEB3 is an archive of voices and statements summarising the year 2023 in digital art and culture. It is a document in time on the blockchain, bringing together some of the leading voices shaping Web3 and the history of digital art: artists, curators, and collectors.

The statements have been recorded in the form of spoken word, poems, and songs by the contributors and are frozen in time as VOICE GEMS on the blockchain. The VOICE GEMS were created by Harry Yeff (Reeps100) and Trung Bao, who have developed a voice-centred generative system utilizing data found in a human voice to synthesise the form and colour of the artwork.

Every voice is unique, and with that comes unique fingerprint-like data. Features like pitch, resonance, harmonics, and pace sculpt particle data points in a simulated digital space.

"There are two different aesthetic trends that are emerging in this realm, and I think we have one side, which is the sort of "all the things all at once" approach. And you see this within artworks, but you also see it within the way we are presenting digital art right now. 

And then we're seeing the other side, which is artists—and I include myself in this—who are leaning into the personal. You know, "How am I experiencing this moment as an individual node of this vaster human network?"

Each of these elements must contain the other in order to be effective.

It's like the sleekness of the spirit has to be tempered by the grit of the soul, or else we just feel like we're sliding into infinity with no place for us in our incredibly analog way of thinking.

We are not binary.

So, in using these tools, which are founded on binary code itself, we must actively infuse randomization. And we are the seed! You know, we—our organic, beautiful, complicated, complex, and undefinable selves—are the randomization seed.

It's really not a small thing. It's a matter of our continued relevance in this ecosystem that we've created."

– Sarah Zucker

Contract address: 0xA8E5Ec62bfec3906817cBb56728523e65E2e681d
Blockchain: Ethereum
Token standard: ERC-721
Metadata: Frozen and decentralized