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Paradox Paradise

Artists: Çiğdem Aky | Seline Burn | Georgina Clapham | Inessa Emmer | Florine Imo | Iseult Perrault 

Flowers, kittens, and little rabbits buzz through dream worlds that seem vulnerable. "Paradox Paradise" is emblematic of a world that is currently standing on its head. We live in luxury, in abundance, in a paradise – but this paradise seems to be a paradox colliding with reality.

"Paradox Paradise" invites the viewer to explore the range and complexity of the concept of paradise. The canvases of Janka Zöller project you into a heavenly pool setting, which seems to drown in the deep pink sky. Immerse yourself in Çiğdem Aky's works, which continuously follow the same gesture, harmonious yet tense. For some, paradise is a world filled with wicked wonders and luxuries as seen in Georgina Clapham's work; for others, paradise is the enchanted garden: Iseult Perrault’s work depicts or consists of dream-like landscapes and figures.

But paradise is not necessarily a heaven-like space taking place in our imagination. The works by Seline Burn show that paradise can be found in small gestures and moments that make life feel blissful and tender. Assumption may also be embodied by a blunt and unashamed woman, as depicted by Florine Imo. But all this is fragile, as Pascal Möhlmann's contribution shows. A moment of delight might soon turn into misery. Paradise might just be an ephemeral state of mind.